I just wanted to give people a little update on me and the shop right now. I feel like all I did recently was be visibly panicked by the world and then disappear for a week.

Things have been tough, things have been scary. I have elderly family members who are stranded outside of the continental US, I have members of my household losing jobs, my sales are understandably down, etc, and my future looks increasingly uncertain. I don’t want to go too much into every grievance as I know there are no shortages of those in the world right now.

I’m coping in the one way I know how, with the only thing I have power over: to make art. Selfishly, I’ve become obsessed with trying to create new pieces that bring comfort and calm to people in these trying times – in my simplistic way of thinking – to combat the atmosphere of existential malaise. This has taken the form of an obsession with lamps and lights, but seeing as it is a difficult project, I’ve only settled on a single design so far.

I’ve busied myself on starting a huge lot of new projects, including a new type of desk light, new electroform pieces, a resized version of the grave moss ring, the large moon, several varieties of small, electroformed crescent moon ring, a couple earring ideas, etc.

Also, as an update to Herbstalk – an event I briefly mentioned being accepted to only right before all of this happened and the future of that event looked very uncertain – the event is still scheduled to happen in early June but unless the Massachusetts ban on gatherings is cleared before then, which I suspect it will not, it is supposedly to be rescheduled.

Still, I am gunning for all of these new projects to be done around early June and, if the event winds up cancelled, I will release them all then. That’s the plan right now – it might change, as so many things are these days.