Would you consider making more of the black ro…

Would you consider making more of the black rose pendants? I set myself an alarm for this morning (I'm on the west coast), spent 7 minutes or so refreshing the page waiting for it to actually go live, immediately put it in my cart and tried to check out and by the time I finished getting payment info in, someone had already gotten it. Which just about broke my heart tbh.

Yeah I’ll definitely make some more, I’m really, really sorry about that, that really hurts me to hear, and I’m really sorry about being a few minutes late. People did indeed buy up the pendants basically within 30 seconds of me hitting publish.

Thank you all so so much for the eager support, and yes I have more roses still being dried which I will endeavor to put any rose small enough into a necklace. I should have more for next Sunday, but if it’s possible – and I truly can’t make any promises because resin is a waiting game – I’ll try to maybe make a mid-week update? That might be pushing it, but we’ll see.