On another slightly related note, when hardships like this happen, I tend to cope by doing the one thing within my control: making more pieces, bigger and more audacious pieces, in the hopes of making stuff people will like.

I just bought two big bouquets of bright pink and soft pink roses and dried them in the hopes of making some pieces ostensibly for Valentine’s Day, but really just because roses are pretty.

I also set aside a few of them and very very carefully painted them black (I’m pretty proud of my painting job, actually) which, assuming they turn out as well as they did last time I did this two Halloween’s ago, I want to try to use on something completely new and weird. Something unapologetically goth, to vent out those winter goth feelings.

Last I’m still working on getting things ready for electroform pieces as I have been since the holidays, and I should be very very near completed. Should everything work out as I want it to, I should be making some very earthy moss rings soon – hopefully with grave moss to start, as a limited time thing (once again, the goth feelings).