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So….. here’s a little preview for the kitschy, Halloween things I’ve been working on. They don’t necessarily photograph well but I was eager to show them off.

They’re black light, black rose prism desk lamps.

I wasn’t quite sure how the black-lights were going to react to the prism, the effect is a smoky purple hazy hue that casts through the resin, touches the rose, and faintly refracts out the angles like the regular prisms.

I have a handful… probably 8 or so, that will be going up for sale on Sunday. After that unfortunately, I have no more, so stay tuned! And if you like them, please let me know, I just had no idea with these things but wanted to vent my Halloween Kitsch™ seasonal mood into a project.

These are going to be available tomorrow, Sunday the 14th at around 12pm EST! In counting now I have 7 black roses with black lights, and in addition I have one black rose with regular, warm LED light, and one with a black light and a velvet colored rose, rather than a black one.

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