I know this is just one person's feedback…

I know this is just one person's feedback but I would love it if you made the daises one of your priorities! I'm the same person that's been asking about them before so I'm super interested in them, haha

Sure! I just pressed a bunch of the orange Marguerite Daisies and want to save the rest currently blooming for drying boxes for prisms, etc.

You might be interested to know that I have an Oxeye Daisy prism that will be in Sunday’s update!

I know both daisies and sunflowers are both things people really, really have an emotional connection to, and while I can’t ever preserve an actual sunflower for jewelry or a prism, I tried to make a concession in getting a sunflower-like daisy as a permanent member of my perennial bed, and plan to make the most I can out of it!