Discontinuing 40 Designs.

It’s time to make space for some brand new designs! Because we are committed to producing only the very best designs, and want to be able to keep almost everything in stock for you at all times, we’re discontinuing the following 40 designs:

Standard:Amatlan, Antoinette, Between the Lines, Bintang, Birds of a Feather, Blossom, Bordeaux, Chantilly, Cry Baby, De Claw, Disco, Duchess Standard, Kiki, La Estrella, Maxa, Merry Go Round, Nabulla, Paparazzi, Punk Standard, Pyramid Scheme, Rapunzel, Rickshaw, Rustle, Tsunami 

Heavy Metal: Armadillo, Diva, Diva Heart, Duchess, Eternal, Fly, Kali Ma, Panthro, Punk’s Not Dead, Queen of Hearts, Stayin’ Alive 

Weights:Ah Maize Ing, Feeling Squirrely, Soldier On

Accessories: Sixx, Sunday Morning 

April 18th is the last day to order or pre-order these babies,before they’re gone for good!